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Aug 17, 2009 7:00pm EDT
is now brought to you by geico. >>> cash for clunkers on your mind. the dealers, inviting you to trade in ansetrade up for upthe professional great engineering. >>> well thursday night, tower 12 from the volunteer fire departments in prince william county, heading off out there to replace a broken ladder truck. but somewhat ironically from the county parkway, and that truck, they caught the fire. 1994 fire trucks, they considered it a total loss. and the fire started in the engine apartment. we're having troubles now. >>> we are three months away from the election day out there. they are showing the majority of them, they are still trying to make up their minds. they really want to be the next governor. the washington post survey finds that much and they brought all of them out there. 40% supporting them. but 13%, they are still undecided. however, overall, 52% say they have not definitively picked their candidate. >> and the republican, bob, considering another campaign for the governor's office. that is according to the state's top g.o.p. fundraiser. so far, there are two outstanding
Aug 31, 2009 7:00pm EDT
with geico. >>> this is "entertainment tonight" in high definition. >> liza minnelli on michael jackson's drug use. her first on-camera interview. >> i didn't have people using me every second of my life. paula abdul on michael's pain. how she overcame her own struggle. >> and today's wildest lead line is mccaulay culkin the real father of blanket? >> tree days before the funeral, brother marlon spills burial secrets. and will aretha franklin perform? >> i'll tell what the children wille
Aug 12, 2009 7:25pm EDT
with geico. >>> this is "entertainment tonight" in high definition. >>> the new michael jackson drug controversy. did the las vegas pharmacy raid find a smoking gun? are authorities closer to charging dr. murray? >> and only i have uncovered this contract for a jackson reunion concert. i'll tell you why it could turn janet against the family. >>> plus, michael's son blanket, his surrogate mom finally revealed? >>> to drag me into it is even more unconsciousable. >> secrets from inside her new tell-all. >> i feel like i have to set the record straight. >>> octomom hospitalized. but we have have learned about her mysterious condition. who's taking care of her 14 kids. >>> plus, new footage from nadya's prime time special.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3